1. Wisconsin
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You showed me a map once that you keep folded and dry
Held in your heart of hearts away from age and time
And every ancient photograph and anthem
Spreads it on your lap to map new lines

It lead to the highway to have us drive for awhile
Northeast with the River that’s overflowed for miles
And as long as you’re there with me wherever we may roam
Every slope of that hot road would feel like home

But something 'bout the drive seems strange to me
The sun is out but I can barely see

Give me one more drive up to Wisconsin
And we’ll rest there on the Sometimes River’s shore
If we map it that might set us free
And show us things we’ve never seen before

Like vows and houses in sprawling fallen leaves
My life renewed and you my true and better Eve
As the orchard barn would surely see us married
And we’d tarry there in fortune we’d received

And we’d pull into Eau Claire some years down the road
With Mary and Arlo closely in tow
But your map was torn like that well-worn veil
It paved the way but still was built to fail

And I am like the ram beneath the knife
Finding strife in breath and death in life

Give me one more drive up to Wisconsin
Where I’m lost in the home we never knew
Just one day might take my mind away
From things I wish I’d never said to you

And if all my sorrows borrow from the past
Then they’ll hum their tune till the future comes at last

I hope you still go up to Wisconsin
And write to me 'bout everything you see
Make sure to include if you saw me
Cause if I’m not there now I’m scared I’ll never be

You showed me a map once - seems now so long ago
Yeah, it’s rent in two but there’s still plenty lines to know
So I’ll fold it and hold it in my open hand
Not to make new marks but rather move as planned
Ready and set to go at your command